Monday, January 2, 2017

From the strip pits

First this bird...I am not sure what it was.  I know it was not a vulture, and if it was a hawk, it was a HUGE hawk, but by the same token, if it was a juvenile bald eagle, it was on the small side.  Also, the underneath side was not white like most hawks. I have a hard time zooming in and tracking with my little point & shoot camera.

This is way down at the end of a pond...I was surprised this photo turned out even this good...again, trying to zoom in and track the two swans was difficult.

 I managed this capture as these swans passed over right in front of us.

 There were several Canada Geese...this group was near us on the north side of the road.

This is the pond on the south side of the road...and this is showing just a small portion of the geese that were up on the bank.  I have never seen the quite like this before.  I have seen them in the fields near other ponds, though so guess it amounts to the same thing.
Roger's BP was fairly high again tonight.  I don't know why.  He had had a coughing spell right as I took it...I waited a couple minutes to take it and it was still 163/88.  In the hospital and rehab they wanted to keep the upper number 140 or below because of the fact that he had had the bleeds.  Again, I gave him a whole BP pill instead of the normal half a came down quickly tonight so maybe the whole pill was not needed.

I have told some of my blog friends of the things Roger is having to relearn but haven't shared them in detail on here.  Simple things we all take for granted.  Things like telling the time.  He can read a digital watch, though sometimes numbers pop out of his mouth that are not what he means to say.    It is almost as if he just has to say something...but I can say not it isn't 3:00...and he will look again and say, oh, it is 1:00.

As for a clock with a dial...he is having to learn to tell time all over that way.  But is really improving with that.  As long as I don't ask him to do too many times in a short period. 

But don't ask him what year it is...he seldom gets that right.  

He cannot just sit down and read...he has to spell out words and then can usually tell you what they are.   But what is funny, a lot of times he can read longer words.  

He can write words a lot easier than he can print them, though he still has some trouble with a few letters in writing.  But nothing like when he prints.  And I have him print the alphabet most days. 

I won't put it all in this one post, but will continue to tell some of the things he deals with as time goes on.

I want to share this...

First this pic...again not a great photo, but still I like the subject.  There were about a dozen, maybe 14 swans out in this field...most were sleeping.  But two or three remained alert.  I assume on purpose.   To watch for danger.  They were too far out plus it being the middle of the day...didn't make for a great photo.
Now, I want to share a site with you, it is called Sean of the South.  Well, let me go back in time a bit...he has a book out by the same name.  I found it through a newsletter of kindle books.  It was free.  I told my SIL about it, she bought an actual book for her brother.  And she read it.  Now I got the one for my kindle, but had not read it yet.

So she reads it and discovers his website...and at the top of the page you can subscribe.  Except me...but that is another story.

Anyway, so since I can't get the subsription to work, she forwards the stories to me...THIS one--The Big the one that came this morning....if you read no other, read it. But I think some of you will enjoy all the stories.  At the first link I gave you, you can scroll and see the stories.  Just realize that down at the bottom of each story on the lower right side, you have to click  'more' to see the whole story.  The word 'more' is in light gray and barely noticeable for me.

I hope you will read and tell me if you enjoy it/them as much as I do.  They are wonderful.

Roger's blood pressure was up last night...I could not focus enough to blog after I discovered that.  He had eaten salty popcorn and I am assuming that did it.  I increased one of his BP meds and it finally came down by the time he went to bed about 4 hours later.  Don't worry, I am still not giving him as much as they originally said for him to take of this med. 

His BP is still down this morn, so things look brighter.  We have to run errands this morn...but hopefully I will get to visit some later..

Love you guys!  And don't forget to read The Big Thing.