Saturday, April 26, 2008


Some of my friends know that I collect, or rather did collect chicken/rooster things. I have dishes with roosters on them, I have salt and pepper shakers with roosters and chickens on them, I have shot glasses with roosters on them, and I have chicken and rooster figurines. At one time I had over one hundred chicken/rooster items. I have basically quit collecting, but I hang on to what I have. That being said, I guess it is normal for me to take pictures of them when I go to the fair.

You would think it would be an easy job with them being held in cages, but it isn't as easy for me as it looks. They are constantly on the lookout and the least little thing makes them bob their heads, etc.
I do not know what kind of chicken the one below is...I don't remember the first time I seen one. But I know I was an adult. So if anyone reads this and knows, please leave a comment. I have looked some on google, but not did an in depth search.

Now, the ones above and below are just handsome guys, don't you think. Look at that black--it is so black it is almost like oil in that it reflects other colors. And I bet there are women that would dearly love to have hair the color of the rooster below...I know I sure wouldn't mind.