Sunday, August 5, 2012

From my flower garden...

My glads that I got for $3 are starting to bloom...this one had finally started to open up good the other day when we left for the doctor's office. We came home to it laying on the ground. It's weight had been too much. So Roger cut it off and brought it in. I trimmed it even more and it is sitting on the back of my sink...and it continues to open up.

One thing, the package pictured them as deep, dark purple. Imagine my surprise to get this color that is more pink than anything. If all goes well, they will be a nice surprise for Lorelei later in the week.

We got a sprinkle of rain this morn...not enough to really help. Maybe one of these days it will hit here good.

We went for a drive to the north of here...didn't see a lot of anything. A marshy place that we drive through was totally dried up. Not a drop of water anywhere. It had apparently really stormed/the wind blew up north of was around the Perrysville, Indiana area. There were small limbs and twigs down everywhere...and we saw some bigger trees that had been uprooted, as well as some good sized limbs that had fallen.