Sunday, May 31, 2020

Lorelei and friend...

I got texts messages the other day...I think I told someone I got a call...but it was text message along with two or three photos.

Look close at the bottom of the window...see that tiny squirrel?  It is a baby...and she was wondering about making friends with it.  I suggested sunflower seeds, and if she had an apple to cut in open.  She wondered why an apple...I told her cause it has a strong scent and that is how I made friends with Mama Squirrel.  But she didn't have an apple.    She ask about a strawberry...I said try it.  so, we texted a minute more and I had not heard any more.

I got a phone call yesterday evening, and there was all this excitement in her voice and she said 'Guess what, Mamaw!'

Well, I knew right away she had had success.

You cannot see it, but she said she could not stop smiling the whole time.  There are two or three babies, and one of them did take the strawberry and went up the tree to eat it.

Just thought I would share this bit of happiness...

Hope you all are having a good weekend.