Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday Lorelei talked the biggest part of the day....definitely noticed a change in the amount she jabbered. And even though she has been reaching and getting things, I noticed her early in the day really checking her own hands out. It was so funny---she was holding them up in front of her face and moving them around, more her left hand than her right....but her eyes would just get so big.

But the fun thing I have to tell about is when Sarah was about ready to leave with her, she wanted to change her diaper for the ride home. She laid her down and started talking to her; remember Lorelei loves to go have her diaper changed. She will almost always smile and jabber to me.

Sarah started saying 'Jujitsu' and 'Karate' to her and one or two other words...and she had a big smile on her face when she said them, and would do little motions with her hands. Every time she said them, Lorelei laughed out loud...kind of a belly laugh-giggle. Over and over! Her mom and I had tears from laughing so hard at her.