Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just posting another picture of a barn...I need to make a web album just of barns. I also realize now that I need to take notes of where the barns are when I take their picture. I think this is another in Parke County, and even think I can find it. But I had to think a moment to remember where it is.

It was a beautiful day today...I should have been working in my yard but I was in the mood to sew a little so that is what I did while I did some laundry. When my husband got home, we put up new now I can hang sheets, and towels outside when the weather is nice. There is just something so nice about going to bed on sheets that have hung in the sunshine.

I have also got to try to be prepared to get a picture of Mama Squirrel and Puss Puss, aka the princess. She comes up on our back porch to eat sunflower seeds and to have me feed her nuts. She realizes that Shelby, our dog will not hurt her. She will be sitting on one side of me and Shelby on the other and she is fine with that.

However, Puss Puss wants out so bad...if the inside door is open, she is always sitting looking out the storm door. Tonight, I fed Mama Squirrel before we put up the clotheslines. As we were working on that, I looked toward the house, and there was Mama Squirrel nose to nose with Puss Puss with only the glass separating them! I do not know if it was because Shelby was also there, or if she was actually just teasing the cat.

Then after I came in, I happened in the kitchen and there they were again, but she was gone before I could get my camera. I would like to know what goes through her mind...and I am wondering will she have babies again this spring. We are wanting to have this old maple tree cut down, or at least topped real good. So I am kind of wondering how she will react to that. We are really hoping it doesn't bother her...last fall she had her second litter across the street in a different tree.