Monday, December 14, 2015

From this evening...

Look at that picture...isn't the sky interesting?  Do you see anything else.  Click and enlarge it...I doubt that you will spot is almost exactly in the middle...go straight up from that pile of stuff in the water.  that dark pile...on up over the trees.  Do you see it now?

If not, be prepared...again, I took off with just my little point & shoot camera, again, because it was dark, cloudy and rainy when we left.  Figured I would not see a thing to the time we were coming home the sun was in and out, and it had lightened up to a beautiful world.  And I spotted this:
This is what was 'fishing' that little pond.  It is what I wondered if you would spot.  In that first pic with the pond, it is flying straight towards the camera, over the far end.
Some shots are heavily cropped, but not the one above.

Almost the same views, but not quite...

Notice how he is watching down...he is really looking for a fish.

Really thrilling to see one of made our day.