Friday, September 5, 2014

Fishing or hunting for crawdads

Or maybe they are hunting for crawdads...Roger spotted one and stopped to let me get out to take photos.  While I was snapping the one in the creek, the other one wondered out.  This was at a little creek near the strip pits we go to.

We have had storms moving through as I type this...not as bad as they looked like they would be on radar.  I am glad of that. 

Not much going on in our world, and that is a good thing.  Peace and calm is always good.  Now if I could just get motivated to finish some quilting/sewing projects.  I have the desire to be done, just not sure how to proceed on a couple things.  It's one of those decision things of not know what I want to do as opposed to not knowing how to do something.

Next week we are supposed to have some cooler weather and days that are not so humid.  I am really looking forward to a few days like that.