Sunday, June 14, 2020


The other day I came home and Chuck was actually out in front of our garage, but started to run across the street.

I always wonder if there is only one....and I think there is or we surely would have seen babies.  It has lived under a little building of a neighbor for over 5 years now...since well before Roger's stroke.  I think it is looking old.


This was the first critter photo I took yesterday.  It was also the only deer we saw.  It was in a field right before we get to the swamp area.....

One of the many, many dragonflies at the swamp.    I have other pics over on Time Stand Still.

Do you want one more way to waste time?  I have recently been on drives in England, in Canada, in New Zealand, in Russia.  All via the internet and the little man on Google maps.  Do you know about him?  (Please click the images to see better)

I would say most of you know about him, but just in case you don't, look up any place, in this case I googled Rockville, Indiana.  I just clicked on the image of the google map.  A regular map came up, and on this one where you see the little image of a map in the lower left, I clicked for this satellight image.

On the lower right side, see that little yellow man?  Click on him. Streets and roads become highlighted.

You can click anywhere a road is highlighted and you are immediately taken there.  For instance, I clicked on the road that goes west right outside the town, there where it says 36...and this is the view I seen:

You can turn all the way around to see what is on either side.  Sometimes my computer/internet takes a few seconds for the image to become clear.  Then click to go forward or turn around the other way.  It is a fun way to spend some time.  Also useful when you are going some place new.  I will google the address and then click the map and click the little man...and then click where the place is marked.

I have recently told two people about this that did not know you do this.  It is really fun to go look around.