Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Yesterday...what a day it was!

I should have did this post yesterday, but simply too weary to get it together.  We headed to one place, but on the way decided to find the Skinner Farm Museum & Village.
I just recently ran across it while looking at a list of round barns and where they are located.

So we find it...and we can see no place that is used as an entrance.  There were a couple places that we could pull over out front and I could take some pics.

The house set way back off the road...and we really seen no road to it.  We decided to head on to our original destination which was the place we saw the eagles in yesterday's post.  As we were driving past where we could see back by the house, there was someone walking up to the house and kind of looking out at us...and they were carrying something which I assumed was an animal.  I waved and they waved...

On down the way, there was a public road on the west side of the farm...so we decided to turn down it to see if there was  an entrance there.  No such luck, but I took a few more pics and we drove on down the way, turned around and came back.  And there was 'the person' out at the mailbox.

We stopped and talked to him, for it was the owner.  And he was carrying a big old white/gray spotted cat.  He said  he would give us a tour sometime if we wanted...so we asked how about now.  And he said come on...so we pulled in and got out. 

First let me describe Norman...he was a little guy....he might have been an inch or two over 5 ft. tall...NOT at all overweight...just regular size.  He had on a ball cap with three or four pins/badges? on it, but for the life of me I don't know why I didn't see what they said.  And he walked just a little bit stooped over..  He wore glasses on the end of his nose, and with him walking a bit stooped his head was bent forward too...and he looked up at you over those glasses.

Right away we learned that he had moved most of the buildings there.  See that 2-story brick house in the background....it had belonged to his family and he moved it to this spot from 3 or 4 miles down the road.  All the other buildings he had moved from other places...

This little covered bridge bridge was moved from at least 30 miles away...

He first took us in this other building...and it was full of old cars and trucks.  Two close together to even walk around them...let alone get decent pics.  Stuff was hanging from the rafters, something sitting in every square inch.  He even had the first car he had ever owned.  Then he took us in the Blacksmith's Shop...it had been moved to the property. 

Next, he took us in a building that was full to the brim of old tractors...he has 50 of them....there were old threshing machines...I am here to tell you our heads were spinning by the time we left there.  Neither Roger nor I can remember what was what.  He knew so much, and we were both wondering how in the world he he was able to move everything there.  He had been collecting all his life. 

There is so much more...some I didn't get photos of.  He had some old printing presses, old stoves that were the last made in a nearby town.  He had a Conestoga wagon, but where it was at there was no way I could get a picture.  He had got it in Kentucky...there was something else he had driven to Pennsylvania to get but I cannot remember what.

I can't wait now to go back there again in weather when it is dry...and not muddy.