Friday, August 30, 2019

The last of the coneflowers

This will probably be the last coneflower shot you will see for a little while.  I love coneflowers when they are blooming, but oh what an ugly mess they can become.  But when they become that ugly mess, is when the goldfinches love them.  I have left them a good while, but today was that day of reckoning.

First I stood and looked and looked to make sure I seen no yellow jackets stirring around anywhere in the mess.  I didn't see a single yellow jacket...for something so little they can carry a powerful punch.  So Roger came out to see what I was doing...I gave him the job of manning the wheel barrow.  and I pulled up coneflowers and weeds and grass.  Remember I said it had become one heck of mess.  I don't know how many loads went to the compost pile, but we got it done.

I had sprayed round up earlier....I am not crazy about using it but my weedeater is so hard to start that I just quit battling it a few years ago.

I came in from all of that and did up dishes after I showered...I am done for the night.

Which leads to the fact that I can watch Jeopardy again!  We have Directv and have been without that channel for I don't know how long.  We have missed Jeopardy, even if it was reruns...and Songland...I was so afraid we were going to miss The Voice.  So I am a happy camper that way.

I hope you all have a nice weekend...Lorelei is here tonight, and possibly tomorrow of my daughters is going to come sew tomorrow.  After a visit to the quilt shop!  So that is fun to look forward to.