Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Look what was given to me this afternoon!

It's an oil painting!  A night-snow scene with a covered bridge and the moon reflected in the water.

The story is this.  Remember me telling about my husband going to the hardware store and meeting a guy that needed a small welding job done and they have been friends ever since...that has been at least 4 years ago.

Roger was out for a walk today and ran into H. and H. wanted another small welding job done.  So a while after Roger got back, in a while here came H. with this.  I thought he was just showing it to me, and he said, no I could keep it.  I still cannot believe it is mine.  It is not small...12x18 at least.  He has only started painting within the last year I think.
Another beautiful day today.  I am trying to sit outside as much as I can.  That is what I miss so bad in the cold days of winter.  I didn't touch my sewing machine today.....

Seen in a yard a few weeks ago...

We saw this on Route 1 in Illinois...I have no idea what it is made of.  I think it is made of some kind of plastic but I am not sure why I think that.

Not too much going on at our house...nothing interesting to tell.  Just sort of waiting.  The kids have the house sold as long as the financing and home inspection goes through okay.  I have hesitated to say anything because you just never know what is going to happen.

The past couple of days have been just humidity...low 80's as far as temperature.  Who could ask for more.  It is supposed to warm up a little but it has been nice to have this break.  Later in the week we have a chance of rain...