Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Little Mama aka Sweet Pea

 Just 12 seconds of entertainment...you may not find it funny.  It may be one of those things you had to be there to appreciate.

We were heading out this morn, only to find a ruckus in the neighborhood.  Three squirrels were chasing each other...I first thought it was the babies.  And I still think one of them might have been one of Sweet Pea's.  But they were out in the street going in big circles.  When I saw the grown one I thought it was her, and say Hey! ....and I have no idea what I call her but I use this baby talk voice.  I have no idea why I revert to that.  

I thought it was coming but I thought it looked a bit big for her.  about that time it took off and then I thought I saw her zooming by.  I yelled again, and waited...in just a second here she came running about as fast as she could run.  I usually carry some walnuts/pecans in a plastic bag in my pocket.  Roger was already out and headed down the steps.  He just sat down on the edge of the porch and I sat at the picnic table and she was up beside me in a split second.  She was eating in my lap.  When I am about out of nuts, I always empty the last few onto the bench.  

She was gobbling them down....and the one squirrel came back to the edge of our yard and she kept eating but kept barking at him while she was eating.   She stopped before she was done and took off after it/him.  I could not get to see good but I am pretty sure it was a him.  I am assuming courtship, though at first I wondered was she trying to keep him away from her young ones...they are getting up in size now.