Friday, August 10, 2007

I have new linoleum on my dining room floor, and will have new carpet in the living room come Monday! The installer called yesterday morn and asked if I could have the dining room ready for him by today and I said yes. What a job! You just would not believe all that fits into my china cabinet...and of course it had to be unloaded to be able to move it.

Also my computer is set up in the dining room, so had to take it down. Just a great big maze of cords! I took it down and put it right back up till I wouldn't be without it. Only to get up this morn to find I was without internet service. I was on the phone with teck support for almost two hours before she finally gave up and decided it was on their end. At least it was someone I could understand--they had an accent but I don't mind so long as they understand me and I understand them.

The guy was here promptly at 9:00 to install the linoleum. I held the door for him while he brought things in...then rather than just stand and watch him, I brought in more jars and washed them. Then went and picked tomatoes

like the ones shown here and made 5 more
quarts of salsa.
They are not perfect to look at but sure taste delicious....