Monday, January 26, 2009

As I sit here

As I sit here and contemplate about what to write, I have been watching numerous V's of geese fly over. Not huge V's but still, it seems like this is becoming more and more of a pathway for them. I do not know where they go, unless it is to the river. Maybe tomorrow we can take a drive and figure it out.

I am also watching the birds at my feeders that my older daughter got me for Christmas. I have had so much pleasure from them. There are cardinals, juncos, nuthatches, different sparrows, titmice, and I am probably leaving out something but they are not all out there right at this moment. Right now it is the female cardinal and a couple juncos.

We have a town hawk...not sure what kind it actually is so I just call it a town hawk. How's that for a scientific name? It was sitting in a tree across the street. I got on my old fake carhartt jacket and with camera in hand went out to try to get a photo of it, but it had taken flight before I got out there. He has been in this area for several years now. Over by the railroad is some open fields, and when I used to take our dog over there for a walk, I would see it hunting over there. That is only a block away, but I have seen it flying over the yards in the neighborhood also.

So much has changed...and some of it for the better. Just in my lifetime, in our area I have seen an increase in geese, and I had not seen a wild turkey till some years ago. I even think there are more deer and more hawks than when we were first married. And I had not noticed a Northern Harrier hawk till just 2 or 3 years ago. There is a difference in them that you notice. For one thing, they have a longer tail and a white patch on their rump, and just their general flight pattern is different than the other hawks. Whatever the reason, I really enjoy seeing all the animals.