Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Good Will

Yesterday we stopped at one of the local Good Wills...I continually look for men's shirts for quilts...quilts that I plan to do someday.  Also, I always look for sewing machines just to see what they have.  I don't plan on ever buying one...but still fun to look.  I saw someone buying one yesterday and wondered what kind it was.  Just know how that is.  I used to always look at their books...always hoping to find a gem.  I did not even have the patience to do that yesterday...I have enough of those gems on my kindle.
Yes that is the wrist strap there in the lower right corner...I did not notice that till just now.  I am too lazy to go back and crop it out.
Anyway, these are my two gems I found yesterday.  Both are basically half-yards of brand new fabric.  Both are quilt store quality.  The top is from Hoffman fabrics and can't think what the other is from.  The color of the bottom one does not look true on my computer.  It is bright, bright Christmas red and the bamboo shoots are gold.  Each was 49¢.  Of course I actually need them about like I need another hole in my head.

So, do you like to look at Good Will?  Do you like yard sales and flea markets?  We both love flea markets and I like yard sales, but don't have much luck at them.  And we go in spurts where we stop at Good Wills fairly regularly then may go months without stopping in.