Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just have to add a little post to tell that they called about the biopsy--it is negative all the way. Not cancer, no pre-cancer cells. I just need to do the follow up mammogram in 6 months. I still don't know if I was in denial or if I really had faith.
Yesterday went by without a hitch--the biopsy was done on schedule. They approached it from a different direction. Now will be waiting to hear. Was a tad bit more tender than the first time around...I didn't get much rest last night. However after my husband left for work, I managed to get a couple hours of really sound sleep. Kind of feel refreshed.
But wait a minute...I have not told about the previous night. The night before the biopsy. I had one heck of a night. I still put the kitties in 'their' room at night till we can get some rest. However, I have been getting anxious to have them sleep with us. Tuesday night was the second night I have attempted to leave them out, with me sleeping on the couch. Just to see how they do.

I thought it was going great. Chunky Monkey climbed up on my side and was sleeping so peacefully. I was not sure where 'she' was. I think I even dozed off, only to wake up and think it just might work if I went on to bed. WRONG!

Soon as I opened the door, the girl appeared out of nowhere and the boy woke up bright-eyed! I am assuming bright-eyed. Could only kind of see their outlines. They flew to the bed and started pouncing around. It was Playtime! My husband was really sound asleep and snoring...I managed to round them up in the dark and take them to their room without him ever knowing a thing.

By the time that was done I was wide awake. So I stick in a quilting video, lay down in the floor, and am asleep in short order. (I cannot stay awake if I lay down to watch quilt videos--they are better than any sleeping pill.) I woke in an hour or so I think, got up and went back to bed. I went to sleep, but I swear I don't think I slept any time till husband got up, and what does he do after he goes to the bathroom? He lets the kitties out.

They come flying back in there, and the little girl especially considers the bed her own personal, private playground. She was up there in a flash, and pouncing on anything and everything. The boy was up and down and playing some, but not as bad as her. But wait! What is at the head of our bed? A mini-blind. And he sees the cords hanging down. She sees him see them. They both get up there right by my head and start trying to get the mini-blind cords. It was rattle, rattle, rattle. Rattle, rattle, rattle!

I got up again and snatched them both, took them back to the living room, and shut the door to our bedroom! So it wasn't like worry was keeping me awake--it was my two lovely kitties. But you know, I am not complaining. I think they have kept me sane the past bit.

And I know now that they are going to be quality control for my quilting. The first sign of that is I have a quilt I keep near the couch for when I lay in there or on the is one that my mom tied. Just strips sewn together. But it is warm and snuggly, and she made it. Well, they both like to claim it.

Then this morn after I had my really sound sleep, I came into the dining room where I have a quilt chest. It has clear plexiglass sides so you can stack your quilts in it and see them. Well, I keep the lid open with tops hanging over it. It looks really good like that. So I came in here, and there were both the kitties: they had pulled the tops down and were sleeping on them. I did manage to get get some snapshots of Chunky.