Saturday, May 2, 2009

?? or Hog Heaven as suggested by Mary

This is an old image scanned in...I have tried and tried to come up with an appropriate title to the post or a name for the picture and keep coming up blank. One that just crossed my mind is 'Sides of Bacon.' Other than that I haven't thought of a thing. This image makes me smile. One couldn't have posed these pigs any better.
I went this after lunch and went shopping for a little while with Sarah and Lorelei. And we will be babysitting Lorelei again tomorrow afternoon for a while.

I thought the rain was going to be over with by tomorrow but now rain is in the forecast for tomorrow as well. We didn't have a lot of rain today...just misted off and on. It was raining pretty steady as I came home from Sarah's....I was just happy it wasn't pouring down when we took Lorelei shopping.

So will close because I need to get up in the morn and go get our tomato plants....and have a couple other things to do before we go see Lorelei.