Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I feel like a bird that has just been set free...I went up to my sister's house in Crawfordsville today and while we sat and visited I finished the binding on this baby quilt repeat. These photos were taken before washing. I think this is a better picture than the ones of the first baby quilt.Other than that, we have had sunshine all day today! I have been outside without a jacket...glory hallelujah! I am definitely a person that needs the sun! At least some sun. The endless days of cloudiness sure get to me. I don't think they bothered me as bad when I worked outside all the time.
Today as I was driving up to Crawfordsville I kept thinking to myself that I need to make that drive with the intentions of taking pictures. I seen so many side roads I wanted to take but didn't have the time. It is approximately 50 miles up there so quite a drive. And by the time I head home, I just want to get home.