Sunday, March 9, 2008

From Fowler Park

First let me say that if not for Paula, I might not have got these posted...I had tried going down to just two pictures at a time with no luck, so when she suggested I try just uploading one I iddn't have anything to lose. As you can see it worked! So a big thanks goes out to her.
Roger and I went out for breakfast this morn and then for a short drive to Fowler Park south of Terre Haute. And the following are some pictures I took there. I am not saying that I love this picture, but I would dearly love to have this cabin for my own. Still not my reason for showing it to you,

I wanted you to see the cabin to show you what building this chimney belongs to. I just love this chimney! We could not go inside, but did look and it has the regular fireplace part, but also to the side is an oven area.

Again, not a great picture, and this is NOT the cabin above, but I like it. I took it, as well as the two below it through a window. This window was not glass--well at least the one you see through on the other side was plexiglass...or however you spell it. I didn't really notice when I took this one.
I like the two pictures below also...normally the reflections would aggravate me but I thought it is probably the only way you will ever see a picture of me on here. I hate my picture being taken, especially posed. If someone snaps a picture of me doing something I don't mind so much. I usually hate it if they tell me to look and smile though!

I am have a time with uploading my pictures...I have tried numerous times in the last few minutes and I keep getting the message to try again in 30 seconds!

As I was sitting here waiting for the pictures to upload, I was looking at the small calender that I have by the computer. It has the initials N.M., F.Q., F.M. and L. Q.--as any sane person probably knows they stand for New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter. Since I am a quilter and we have our own language, I seen the F.Q. and immediately thought Fat Quarter. Which is a different way of buying a quarter yard of fabric. Instead of a 9 inch cut across the width of the fabric, the fabric is first cut 18 inches which is half a yard. That is cut down the middle length ways giving you a piece of fabric 18 inches long by 22 inches wide.

Of course instead of thinking full moon for FQ, my first thoughts were free motion quilting. The feeddogs on the machine is dropped, a special hopping foot is put on and at least on my Juki, but not on my Pfaff, I take all the pressure off the pressure foot. So I can guide the material through and go any direction I want...the feed dogs do not pull it through. Which also means I am in control of stitch length, too, another story in itself.

The LQ need to be LQS--but still the LQ made me immediately think of Local Quilt Store. I had the opportunity to go to mine yesterday but I didn't need anything and didn't need to spend the money so thought it best if I avoided the place. She has the most beautiful selection of fabric anywhere and I can never enter and leave the place without buying at least a half yard of fabric and lucky if that is all.

Still no luck uploading the pictures. I will try again later tonight...not that they are anything great. Just wanted to share something with you.