Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The skies, the skies!

This was taking yesterday, but as I sit and look out my window, the sky is just absolutely gorgeous this day, too.  They have been this way for at least the past three days...I posted some taken day before yesterday on my Time Stand Still blog.I am so tempted to grab my camera and go.  On the other hand, my bottom is almost glued to this chair with super glue.

The stress of getting one room painted, plus then switching rooms has left me worn to a frazzle.  I could climb into bed right now and think I could go to sleep for the rest of the evening.  However I have a load of clothes to put away that I just brought in from off the line.  I should be busy with other things, but may end up taking the camera and leaving.  Or I might sew a bit.  Or even blog a while...I don't think I have visited a single blog today!

There is always so much I want to do that it is hard to choose.   I guess that is better than being bored.