Monday, August 2, 2010

Through the windshield...

Does this sky look kind of weird to sure was a strange one. The photo was taken through the front windshield, though why I am telling that I do not did not change the way it looked.

I can't remember which road we were on, but it is in northern Indiana. We came up to Shipshewana for a night or two. I made it to two fabric stores is Yoder's. I have been to it once before..and while it is okay, it is not especially impressive.

I did a little research before leaving and found one called Lolly' was too impressive. So much to choose from I had a hard time making any choices. But I did choose a few more fabrics from the Civil War reproduction fabrics. Roger loves those, and truth be told, I do, too. Actually there are very few kinds fabrics I don't like....anyway, when I get some of my current projects finished I have a lot more I want to start. One made with the Civil War fabrics is one of them.

Tomorrow we want to go to this huge yard sale that is held ever Tues and Wed through the summer months....we may not like it at all, but we won't know until we go. And we may get there and be pleasantly surprised.

There is a big community of Amish up here...hoping we can get out on some back roads before we go home. We have seen some really interesting looking roads...there is one I want to check out if we don't get any place else.

For right now, I am going to close. Probably won't get to visit many blogs till I get home.