Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Full of blooms...

 I hope you don't mind another flower shot...you will probably be getting several along if I continue to try to blog some every week.  This is my daughter's viburnum.  It is in full bloom and full smell.  I feel like I can even smell it in the back yard.  


We had wonderful warm weather yesterday and today.  Sitting outside weather.  Copper sunning himself weather.  I even got to sit out back and read a little.  Simple pleasures.

I took my camera out front today to try to capture some of the dogwood blooms.  I have not downloaded the pics.  The thing about being out there was there was a squirrel!  And it was almost friendly.  IF I had just had something with me, I may have had a new friend.  But by the time I came and got something, it was gone.  I can always hope.  It is not the one we see outback...the one outback is much bigger than it was.


I have my little 'quilt' almost quilted, but have not made the binding...so even if it was quilted there is still that to do.