Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Copper update...

I just posted this over on my photo blog.  I am posting it here, too, cause some that visit here do not visit there and those there do not visit here.  And some of you are kind enough to visit both.

Every time I look at this one I sure and expand the view till you can see his eyes.  He is continually doing something.  Then just has to crash  for a bit.  

This is an edit his mom did of him from the photo below.

And not to leave Delta out..below is an edited photo of her:

I had to take our Rav in for shocks today...I know they have been needed for at least a month and a half.  Maybe a bit more.  Really needed.  Just had things we were doing that I did not want to take time to get them done.  The appt was at 10:00, but they were a man short.  It was after 1:00 before I got home.  

But let me tell you about this place.  I have left money laying in the car more than once, not a lot.  But still it is always there when I get back in the car.  I did not really plan it...just happened to notice it.  Also, I went in thinking I might need shocks and, they said I only needed shocks.  They could have easily taken advantage of me.

And the funny thing, there has been twice we had an appt....and one of them we were going through the drive thru first, so was out early.  And the other one we were just leaving a little bit early.  But both times we went out and had a tire going real low and have gone to this place, and they have fixed the flat right away.  And we were able to get to the appts on time.  

It really makes me feel good to know they are honest.