Friday, March 29, 2013

Hickory chickens....

I know they are morels, but I like the more whimsical name of hickory chickens.  We heard them called that down home.  This one was actually growing here at our house in 2009.  It was growing under the edge of the trailer.   Roger was mowing the yard, maybe for the first time.  We had had the big old maple tree cut down the year before and it was near what would have been the old stump.  I don't expect to find them here this year, but do hope we get to find some at our 'mushroom hunting grounds.'
It is going to be partly cloudy this day...has been overcast ever since I got up but I am finally seeing just a tiny bit of blue sky.  I was so hoping for a totally sun filled day.  At least, it is still supposed to get warm again.

Yesterday I got to sit outside and read!  For the first time this year.  We spend a lot of happy hours sitting on the porch--and I don't care how hot it gets, I will be out there for a while every day of the summer.

I am still discarding...just a few items at a time.  I am convinced that we all have more than we need.  To be able to get rid of as much stuff as I have and not even miss it tells that story.  I think if nothing happens I am going to have Roger give me a hand today in getting some things down where I can go through them.

Then there is the I the only one that hangs on to boxes that electronics come in?  I tend to hang on to them for a while in case I have to send them back.  I do eventually throw them away--just wondered if I was the only one that holds them for a while.