Monday, February 17, 2020

Furnace fixed, and other stuff....

I feel like a bird that has been set free....the furnace is fixed and is running just fine.  I wasn't really worried about it and it is not cold so the space heaters were more than adequate.  Still it feels so good for it to be done.  I know part of it is cause I have to stay where I can hear the door or be here to get the door cause Roger would never hear him if he knocked...and cannot always answer the phone if I have them all first.  Anyway, it is done.  That is one thing I am very thankful for.


I actually saw a Red-winged blackbird the other day but this is my first pic of one this year.  To me they are as much a sign of spring as the robin is.  Maybe even more so.  When Sarah lived in Indy, I remember seeing robins when we were there at Christmas.  Anyway, I was thankful to see it....

Talking about birds leads to a question...did anyone else notice the big birds flying above/around the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined off Japan because of the coronavirus?  Did anyone know what they were.  I could never catch a good glimpse of them but I so wanted to know.  Did any other birder notice and wonder?

My heart has been so full today...thinking about everything...about first one thing and then another.  Thinking about home...about Tennessee...thinking about Roger and his friends...realized today that the guy that worked on our furnace reminded me of someone Roger would have liked before his stroke.  Not that he don't like him now...he likes everyone. It is hard to explains...anyway, I guess that will always be my comfort zone.  Someone that reminds me of him/his friends.

Below is an instrumental with photos from around home.  The little white house that is the 'cover' photo is one we passed every day we went to school.  Well, for me almost every day...I did get a few rides.

I hope everyone has a nice week....