Saturday, February 26, 2011


If you don't like bluegrass, you may not like the videos in this post...but they fill my heart with memories...not so much the entire songs, as phrases from them. So listen if you want, or don't...they do have the bluegrass instruments, but don't sound like what I used to think of as bluegrass. So give them a chance if you dare.

These are views I have pasted before, but ran across them last night when I was trying to upload some more of the photos that I deleted a couple years ago. Then, we were watching a couple shows on PBS tonight....the last one was one of the guy above, the one that sings second and plays mandolin. His name is Sam Bush and he used to play with New Grass a mandolin is a lonesome sounding instrument to me. And I love them...and the whole tone of this song pulls at my heart.

See that line of trees in the photo is the creek in the picture above...and when I was a kid and it rained a lot...the creek would flood and cover that whole field...and if it didn't flood a lot all the crawdad holes would have water bubbling up out of them....

Have you seen crawdad holes? I will try to think and take a photo of some when I go home. But for now check here...that field would have them all over...and when the water was bubbling, it was not uncommon for me to get down on my hands and knees and take a drink. I don't know if anyone else did it, but I think they did. How we didn't catch some awful disease, I do not know. Must have been God watching over us.
We are planning on going down as soon as it gets good and warm, but hopefully before the heat of summer....and the Lorelei and her mommy and daddy might drive down, too.

Speaking of them, they did come today. First they stopped at a bank in Terre Haute to close an account they had there...Sarah said when they went in Lorelei started just crying, wanting to see her Papaw and Mamaw...

And from there they ran by the hospital there to see new baby on Jeremy's side of the family...and all the time they were there she was wanting to come see Mamaw and Papaw. She comes in here just like a big if she owns the place....she for sure owns our heart. Sometimes I just hate for her to grow up, but I know that is the plan...and really I wouldn't want her to stay a is so fun watch her learn how to do things and to see her figure things out. It is sort of that she just changes so much in the few days we don't see her.

I am posting this may or may not have heard of Ralph Stanley...well this one is from his son. While I have never been a big fan of Ralph Stanley, Sr.....I love this one by his son, Ralph Stanley, II It has that lonesome sound to it that I am in tonight. He was on the first show we watched tonight...or at least appeared to sing this song for his dad. In this song, the Carter that is mentioned is his uncle.