Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A new pic

My daughter sent me this pic the other night of Lorelei and her little dog Rosie...Rosie must have been totally worn out.  She is seldom still.  But look how Lorelei has grown!    It just boggles the mind how quick she has grown.


My leaf quilt top is still on the design wall as you can see...the real quilt name is Orange Peel.   Just in case you wondered.

On my ironing board is 70 crumb blocks.  I had half of them already made, and had several already started.  Anyway, finished those started and added more.  Now, I either have a few too many blocks or a few short...depending on how big I make the quilt top.  I was squaring the new ones up today...which actually means  I was cutting them to size.    Anyway...I use a rotary cutter and ruler and had an oops moment.  Sorry this is so blurry...and maybe I should not even show it...

I know to close my cutter when I finish a cut, but just didn't and believe me it was the oddest way to cut myself.  I got two fingers, one didn't bleed very much but this was the second wad of paper towel and it is saturated through all the folds.  But it did quit and I have band-aids on to keep them closed.  I know...not really the best thing to use, but other than my foot, I have never had any trouble healing.  If you have not experienced a rotary cutter, they are sharp, sharp, sharp.  At least the ones we use in quilting.   You just barely touch the edge and you have a cut.

Other news, I had got the oil changed in our vehicle. And for some reason I have been leaving it parked outside a lot since then till the past few days.  Well, I am getting oil spots on the garage floor...  so I called the place that changed the oil and am running it in there in the morning.  So much fun.
I have a little tomato...have not taken a pic of it yet.  I just have two plants...I am hoping to get some to eat.

That is all I can think of right now, but feel like I am forgetting something...