Friday, December 10, 2010

Feathered friends for supper....

These are just a few of the little feathered friends that have been stopping by for a bite to eat...I know the above is a woodpecker, but what type he is I don't know. I really need to study the little woodpeckers and the sparrows.
I am not sure if the above is a purple finch or a house finch...whichever it is, I like seeing them.
This here is the titmouse. Another visitor I am always glad to see.
And of course the nuthatch...we always have some of the above birds with a few more that I did not stand out there long enough to capture. We have the chickadees, the cardinals, red-bellied woodpecker...oh, and the juncos. Plus all the other sparrows. They have been flocking to our feeders...most all coming in in one big swoop, with a few stragglers following behind. I think there has to be at least 50 of them. I have never had them so thick.

Then, I have been having the wren regularly...I only see one at a time, so don't know if it is single or I just haven't looked at the right time to see the two of them. And, I had three big blue jays out there at the same time. We used to have lots of blue jays all through the summer...but the past few years, we only see one occasionally. I don't know what has changed for them to just not show up at all, and now to see them at the feeders was surprising.

One afternoon we came home...can't remember where we had been, but it was as if someone had dumped the feeder on the ground. I wondered had two or three blue jays landed on one side, but the next day the crows were out here so I sort of figured they were the culprit.

I only have two little squirrels that are coming, and I have not seen one of them attempt to get up to the even if they did, they are only a bit over half grown. Or else really small. They are not big as Mama Squirrel and she never did tip the feeder when she was getting into it.

Well, that is my bird report for now....maybe I will have success later with some of the other visitors we have.