Monday, August 27, 2007

I wonder just how significant this day is going to turn out to be for me--will it be a day that fades into vague memories or will it be the day that starts a time apart. I had to go for more views of my right breast today--I cannot count the number of views the lady took. She was so nice though.

The bottom line is while I have an old cyst that has been there a long time, I also have a place with about 30 microcalcifications and the radiologists wants me to have a biopsy done. Right now I am more bothered by whether I should tell people or whether I shouldn't. I don't want people to worry, but would appreciate the prayers. I really do not want one of my sisters to know cause I know how upset she will be.

It really affected my husband, but like I told him, it isn't a death sentence just because a biopsy is called for. I just really don't want to worry about it.

On to happier subjects, my daughter called tonight and she thinks I will be able to bring my kitten home this weekend. I cannot wait...I have been searching for a name for him. So far Moses is my choice. I would call him Mose for short. He is the kind of tabby my Cougar was....I still miss him. Here is a picture of my Cougar--I think it is the second picture of him I took with my digital Canon Rebel. This is not too long before I had to have him put down. He was one smart kitty--he answered to his name, knew the meaning of 'no' and a whole lot more.