Saturday, July 25, 2015

Question for the day

My question is, why do jeans that are old and ratty and have holes and patches feel so good?  They seem to empower me to do more....maybe because I don't fear what happens to them.  But in general, I don't worry about jeans anyway.
I pulled this one from the archives.  Just to have some pic to post.
Decluttered a bit today...while doing that I found Christmas in July for Lorelei.  Found two or three stocking stuffers I had forgotten about.  So maybe she will get them before next Christmas.

I found another pair of ratty jeans...that I why I ask.  I just had to put them on and they felt so good!  I often wonder will I ever quit wearing jeans.  I don't think I will.  Though the last few pairs, I really have felt the need to redo the pockets.  The pockets are what draws me to jeans, and in women's jeans, they make them smaller and smaller. 

I would hate to tell what I got rid of had an expiration date of the early 2000's--I think 2001, but not sure.  Might possibly have been 2003.  I think I didn't get rid of the stuff before because I just didn't know what to do with it...this time I did not give it a thought.  It helped to fill another garbage sack from the old garage.    Another one of mainly plastic containers.

I also got rid of more of my old clothes that I was hoping to wear again...but I have given up on that.

Anyway, that is how I spent my afternoon...that and re-arranging a few things and I want to re-arrange some more.  Maybe even rid myself of more things.