Saturday, June 25, 2011

The view from Merom Bluff...

Yesterday we stopped at Merom Bluff to see what the Wabash River looked like from up you can see it is full to the brim.
I spotted these two flowers while up there...and I don't know the name of either. I have seen the one below before but don't remember seeing the one above. With my memory, that is not saying much...I could have seen it and forgotten it.
If you know their name, feel free to chime in....I have did a little searching but no luck so far. Whatever they are, I think they are beautiful, specially the blue/purple one.

Meow, meow

We went for a little drive today, and was gone 6 hours or so. When we came home and I got out of the Rav, I heard this meow, meow. Which is not really all that uncommon. Puss Puss usually comes to greet us giving those quick little meows. But I did not see her anywhere, till I looked up and there she was on our roof.

She started getting up there last summer....the first time or two we got the ladder and got her down. But we didn't get her soon enough the next time and she got down by herself. It took us a while to figure it out...she goes up and down the trellis at the end of the porch.

Then here in the past month or two, Bubbie wanted in but I ignored him for a few minutes. By the time I opened the door, he was no where to be seen....but I heard him on the awning over the porch. I didn't know it was him till he came down the trellis/wisteria vine!

And do you want to know what they are after? Well, we could never figure it out....till just a couple weeks ago. I was sitting out on the porch talking on the phone and a tree frog croaked...I think it was Puss Puss first there and boy did she zone in on it. She jumped up in a chair under the sound and put her feet on the back of it... Then in a little bit, Bubbie was there, and when it croaked again he did the same thing...only instead of jumping on the chair he was reaching up the there is not much doubt when they hear the tree frog over at the other end of the porch, they probably run up the trellis to try to get to them.

I think we have the craziest cats....I have had cats all my life and have not had any to surpass these.

On top of Puss Puss's greeting today....Cougar was acting kind of strange. Roger went to his shop shortly after we got home. I passed by the bathroom and Cougar was just laying in there. He never lays in there. (Bubbie goes in there and pulls towels down, then crawls under them...but Cougar never goes in there unless we are in there.) In a little bit, I was in the living room and heard this pitiful meowing..I went and looked down in the basement....only to realize he was still in the bathroom. He was in the I went in and petted him a few seconds and gave offered him a fresh drink of water. Still this meowing...but he followed me out and went to the door as if he wanted out.

I let him out, and he went outside and immediately turned around, sat in front of the door and meowed as if he wanted back in. I opened the door, he came over and meowed and turned away without coming in.

So I continued on with the housework I was doing, stopping every little bit to open the door to see if he wanted to come on in. He didn' when I came to a good place to take a break, I picked up my book, a glass of iced tea and some cheese and crackers and went out there. Of course he got a couple bites of cheese, and I petted him and talked to him some more. That was all he wanted...just a little bit of companionship. He got up on top of the grill, and that was the last I heard from him.