Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blooming bushes

The bushes are blooming around here...have been for a few days but today is the first day I have taken any pictures. We were gone all day yesterday, and the day before we had enough rain to float a battleship.
It has stormed two out of the last three nights...not last night but the two before. Night before last, I just unplugged both the surge protectors that the computers, etc were on. I like having surge protectors in case we aren't here and it storms, but even with them if it is storming bad, I unplug anyway. I am lost without the computer, even for a few hours and cannot imagine if I had to wait days to replace them.

I have been busy the past couple of days and not been blogging...I plan to try to visit everyone tonight but going to be pretty busy the next few days. Blogging here is going to be hit or miss, but I do have pictures scheduled for my Time Stand Still blog. I will try to pop in here and there, but if I don't get you every day I will get back to you...