Saturday, June 11, 2011

Popcorn tales

After last night I will never think of popcorn in the same way. I will always get a smile on my face and remember Sarah and I laughing so hard it almost hurt.

Here is what happened....

Lorelei and her mom and dad were spending the night here. Her dad happened to be gone when the following happened....only Sarah, Papaw and I witnessed it, and it is hard to describe till you get the full picture.

Roger decided to pop some popcorn...all of us love popcorn. Lorelei is no exception...we knew she liked it but did not know how much. Roger first pours the popped corn in a big plastic bowl, adds the salt and butter...then gets smaller bowls to give one to me and one to Sarah....thinking Lorelei would just share with whoever.

That was not quite how it went...Lorelei seen it and her eyes lit up....she had to have one of the small bowls. We figured fine...Sarah and I will just share. Still not how it went. Here she came and wanted mine...I thought she wanted to trade. No...she took it and her bowl and went and sat down in the living room.

Her mom went and got one bowl and told her she had to share. Here came Lorelei and she gave me her bowl...then went over to Sarah and got the other bowl. Sarah and I are both thinking she is just going to take the one bowl. NO...she came over to me and had this gleam in her eyes and took the bowl of popcorn I had. Sarah and I are done laughing so hard it hurts...but Sarah tells her no...and she just starts crying...the big old tears just rolling down her cheeks. I did not have the heart to not give it to her.

She goes in the living room and sets down on a stool in front of Roger...she is eating her popcorn when she realizes Roger has a BIG bowl of popcorn. Again her eyes just light up...she reaches into his and starts getting handfuls of corn to put in her bowl....

Roger asks Sarah what is wrong....has she been abusing Lorelei by withholding popcorn.

This by no means fully describes it...