Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waiting for her mom...
This was taken years ago--I would think at the least 8-10 years ago. The girls still rode the bus home and about15 minutes before it was time for the bus, this dog, Keesha and our other one would be watching out the window in anticipation of their arrival. The bus dropped them off one block west and one block south of us.
I think dogs have some kind of bond with those they love. The daughter that has the dog pictured in yesterday's post is also this dog's mom. (This dog is still alive and lives with her.)
Anyway, when our DD was in high school she went to Florida with a friend and her parents a couple different spring breaks.

Both times, on the day she was to arrive home, late in the evening or early night this dog would start pacing and watching. Somehow or other she knew her mommy was getting closer to home.
It was not my imagination.

Otto, the dog of yesterday has done the same thing when I have kept him a couple times. Both times when the kids would be due to start heading home, he has started going to the window and whining. He had been perfectly happy the rest of the day.

I don't remember what show on TV did a study on dogs...they set up cameras and watched dogs when their owners left. They were in contact with the owners as they watched the dogs. Each time the owner told that they were heading home, the dogs would go to the window and start watching. I know some of the times, the owners had just went for a walk, but I think it also showed some that went to work, etc....