Sunday, June 1, 2008

Been blogging for over a year...

I just noticed I have been blogging for over a year now...May 30, 2007 was my first post! I have posted over 500 pictures! It has really got me going in the photography again. I just the other night got out my slides and now I am really looking into a scanner that will do a decent job of scanning slides. I thought I only had a very, very few photos that I would like to have in digital format, but I only went through 200 or less slides and found I have a lot I would love to have.

I have made 5 or 6 quilts since starting the blog...some from scratch but some just the machine quilting part. And I have made a few quilt tops that awaits the magic of machine quilting. And hopefully I will get started again with that before the summer is over.

And I have come across blogs which went into my list to check daily, some of the bloggers I really consider friends, and just a couple or three months ago I told my family and friends that I have the blog. I was sort of afraid they would read it and sort of afraid they wouldn't ;)

Anyhow, just thought I would post a couple more barns...some of you have noticed how I love them. When I was going through my slides I seen barns that I have no idea where I was when I took them...some I could vaguely remember the area around them but not how I got there! When I am out, I keep thinking I should make notes of where I have been that day. But I never seem to get around to that detail.