Monday, February 18, 2019

Stitch therapy....

Today was a step forward for us...we actually got out and went to Walmart and picked up things we needed/wanted.   We had to go ALL.OVER.the STORE.  But we both did pretty good,  though we were both sure ready to get home when we did.

Roger carried in most of the bags, and I put away things.  By then I was ready to sit for a my second wind and wanted to sew.  I knew I was not good for going downstairs and standing and cutting.  But I knew I would be good to sew a few lines up here.  So I made a couple string blocks.  They are mindless and do not require exact sewing.   In the photo above I am putting the final piece on one.

I make them by just sewing random strips/scraps together.  Some people will choose a color palatte but I never have.  Though I think one with chosen colors might be in my future.  Anyway, above is one before it is trimmed to size.

And above and below they have been trimmed to 6½ inches in size.

It felt good to do something normal...good health means everything.   I hope your day was a good one...