Saturday, January 16, 2010

I finally gave in....

They say confession is good for the I am about to tell you a fact about myself. I love fabric...specifically cotton fabric. I love my clothes to be cotton, but I love cotton fabric for quilting just as much. And I really love some of all kinds of cotton....the bright colored fabric, the batiks, stripes, plaids, etc. I love, love, love batiks and have quite a collection going as shown here....and that was long ago. I probably have almost double this now.
For a long time now I have had my eyes on the Civil War /Reproduction fabrics....I always look at them but have restrained myself from starting to collect them. Today I finally gave in and started...I just love the old timey look of them. I will have to collect a few more before I start anything. I would also like to finish a few things I have started.
I did finally start sewing my fabric squares together yesterday evening...and I did a few more this evening. Hopefully I will get more done this weekend, but we will probably be watching football most of tomorrow evening and night. The Saints play in the evening, and the Colts play tomorrow night.

We watch the Saints because Drew Brees is the quarterback, and he played for Purdue. And it is sort of obvious why we watch the Colts....but what isn't so obvious to everyone is that P. Manning was the quarterback for University of Tennessee. I was so thrilled when he signed on with the was more than I ever hoped for.

It is late and time for me to think about going to bed. So, got to hurry and post a pic to my other blog. Good night for now.