Saturday, September 29, 2007

I do not know where my time has gone...I know I went to Crawfordsville one day. I seen both my sisters that live up there. Had a really nice time but was gone all day.

Tuesday I helped a friend with some of her moving and taking down and setting her computer back up. I still have to go down there and install the new internet service she is getting....I can only hope it goes smoother than when we switched to it. I am the only person I have heard of who had so many problems.

Wednesday it rained...I don't recall what I did. Then yesterday I went to Joann Fabrics and to the library. I get so disgusted at our Joann's....everything is constantly a mess there. It is discouraging to try to shop there. I did pick up a Fairfield batting...they were all on sale. It is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. I have never used this brand so hope I like it. I also picked up a few pieces of fabric.

From there I went to the library. By the time I chose my audio books, I was done tired, so I quickly grabbed a few books and came home.

Our car is on its last legs--it is a Toyota Camry and has 140,000 miles on it. Had never give us a minutes problem until the last bit. It died one day a couple or three weeks ago as my husband was going to work. A new water pump and timing belt...which we had just replace year or so ago. Yesterday on his way to work, the dashboard lights kept flickering on and off as well as the low battery.

He stopped at Hardee's to get a breakfast sandwich and it would not start when he went back out. He got out and fooled under the hood, wiggling wires, etc. Got back in and it started. Made it to work where he left it running, with the windows up, while he got under the hood again. Decided to see if he could make it die by wiggling the wires. No luck. Remember I said he left the car running which means the keys are in the ignition, and had the windows rolled up. When he let the hood slam shut, he heard this CLICK! The doors locked! He was so aggravated--but the locksmith at work was able to come and get the door open.

They found a part that was bad--not sure if it is a fuse, but it was something small like that and replaced it. It started right up then, and started fine when he came home. We started to leave last night and it wouldn't make a sound! We also replaced the battery just a little while back, so it is not the battery. We also replaced something else but what it was called escapes me right this minute--I can picture it perfectly. Just cannot think of what it is called.

He has been planning for a couple weeks for him and friends to go shooting and sight in their rifles--so he is doing that today. It is close to deer hunting season--maybe bow season is open now. Not sure since he is not allowed to shoot his bow for a while yet.

So today I got up and vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the bathroom, and mowed the yard. So that is done for a while. I wonder just how many more times it will have to be mowed. I hate even thinking about all the leaves I will be raking. We are not allowed to burn them any more, which is fine by me. Though sometimes I will burn a few, I prefer to bag them.

So that is what has been happening with me....kind of boring, huh?