Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whooping Cranes

We ran down to Bee Hunter's Pond and Goose Pond today....they are just south of Linton, Indiana.  We did not see much at either place.  But at the Goose Pond area, there were a few Great Blue Herons...and seen what I thought were a couple Great Egrets.  Roger pulled in and parked, and I snuck along behind the bank, thinking they would fly soon as they seen me.

Guess what?  They just stayed there.  And when I actually took a good look, they were Whooping Cranes!

There were the three sandhill cranes with them, and they flew up and left...the Whooping Crane they were following flew up, but just went a few feet to join the other one.

I was glad to at least see them...I guess I can't complain.

Sarah and Lorelei are coming tomorrow night if nothing happens.  I had to hide more Christmas presents...I cannot risk wrapping any because the cats would tear into them I am afraid...if nothing else, would accidentally rip one.  They have been being so playful part of the time. 

Return to color...

I know I posted similar shots, but still, doesn't this just grab your attention.  It is even better when expanded.

I have been up a little while...I went Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon.  If there is anything that wears me out, it is shopping.  I probably only shopped for about two hours.  It was as if I hit a wall and I just had to leave.  I am not a marathon shopper.  So, I still need to go back.  At least one more time.
There is a frost on this  morn....I am sitting watching my neighbor get home.  I assume from taking her kids to school.  Funny, I didn't mind it at all back when I was young...I liked to get up and get the day started.  I always turned on the radio first rock-n-roll of course.  And was just instantly awake.  I always sat an alarm, but I bet it didn't go off even half a dozen times a year. 

Now I am so thankful I don't have to get up and get out in the cold....and usually nothing is turned on till Roger gets up.  I just like the sounds of the house--the furnace blowing, maybe hear the ice maker, and not exactly a house sound, but to hear the kitties either jump on a chair, or playing with a toy. Just little things like that...I am just so glad to be able to sit here and enjoy them.

I wonder at this change in me....when I was a kid, I always got up to TV, or shortly after I got up.  I don't remember if mom turned the TV on for the early news, I think she did.  If not, it was almost always on for the Today's Show at 7:00 a.m.....

Does anyone else remember this video?

I am not sure it was this version, and but there was this song/ad? a lot, if not all weekday was on before the Today's Show.  At that time I did not realize it was an advertisement...I just always liked it. 

Enough reminiscing....I need to get started on this day.