Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 That is Lorelei on the left in the back...a photo her mom took.  That is two of her best friends with her.  The skeleton, E,  is a couple years older than Lorelei and the one in front, S,  is a couple or three years younger.  (Sarah babysat her and that is how they became friends.)  This is at S's neighborhood.  Her mom and dad go all out and have the yard really decorated, as do her grandparents that live a couple houses down.

Well, her grandparents were sitting out in their drive...her grandpa was dressed as Jack Skellington...I forget what her grandma was dressed as.  But her grandpa had a big spider...I think a foot high or so...I was not there.  Exact size does not matter except that it was big.  And it is controlled by a button....it can be made to lunge forward.

A grandmother came along with her grandchild and sent the grandchild up to pick up candy.  about that time S's grandpa hit the button and the spider lunged.  It didn't bother the child, but scared the grandma so bad she spit her false teeth out!  Oh, my, what fun tales come from these parties.  

Now for some Fur baby photos:

She wanted whatever toy Delta had...she has all kinds of toys but no other would do.  She has since learned to get Delta all revved up to go outside, and after Delta goes out, she runs and gets the toy.

The following are from the weekend...

You got to admit he is quite the cutie...

Notice the ears in both photos...they make me want to giggle.

Here he is all tuckered out...after a day of play.  

He met a lot of his neighbors this weekend...there are two boys across the way that want a dog so bad, but one is allergic to some dogs and others not.  So our daughter told them, it may be what they are bathed with, or how often they are bathed.  If Delta is out a lot and gets a lot of pollen in her coat, she has to be bathed.  The one boy wants a German Shepherd so bad, but the parents are considering a Golden/Poodle mix.  They have to be good kids...they have two different neighbors with small dogs, and they go walk them for their owners.

I will end here is a short little video sure to bring a smile: