Thursday, August 8, 2019

Help! opinions and experiences needed...

I did a load of wash today....then when I went down to move it over to the dryer, there was a small puddle of water.  I went ahead and moved them over to the dryer, and thought I would just see what it would do if I did another load...well, it no more than started till the water was draining from under the I quick put it on the spin cycle.  I would have had a huge puddle before it even got half way full.

I have been looking at washers all afternoon/ least before and after I took Roger for his allergy shots.  Almost any washer I look at has some horror stories in the reviews.  So many do not have an agitator.  I have not talked to anyone, well, that is about 3 people that I know, that has one without an agitator and they don't like it.

Add to that a lot of them the lid locks.  I am finding that some have a way of pausing it and when the motion stops the lid can be raised to add an item.  But still, there really is no need to have locking lids in the first place!

And some have the touch pad...we have that on the stove for the oven and I hate that.  I would have paid $50 more just to have dials. 

So what do you have and what is your experience with it.  I would really like to hear if there is anyone that has the ones without the agitator that have had a good experience.

And also what is the length of time for the load to be done.  This one washer I found with an agitator takes 70 minutes!  I think my washer now takes maybe 30-40 minutes from the time I put a load in till the time I pull it out.    It would be hard to get used to the long cycle...and front loaders have an even longer cycle.

Also, if you have a front loader, did the drain pipe have to be changed for height? So curious to know your experience with that.  They have a much better rating at Consumer reports than the top loaders.  But their cycle time is so much longer...and then there are the stories of them having bad odors!

Any and all thoughts will be very appreciated.