Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A poem by Papaw...

A no picture day...

As you know, the other day Lorelei lost one of her teeth.  It was the third one she has had come out, but the first one on top.  The first time you see one missing when she smiles.  Well, I got a text from Sarah just two or three days later.  On the bus ride home from school, Lorelei's chin bumped a little girl's head, and the other tooth came out....you know, the other one in the center in front.

Well, the tooth fairy had not sent anything from here yet, so was thinking about getting something, then just thought it would be simpler to send a card with stickers and a little money.  So we found a card that had a picture of a tabby cat with sunglasses on...the inside was blank.  Roger says, I will write a poem for it...so below is the poem he wrote.  He just came in and sat down and wrote it in a few seconds...

The tooth fairy said you lost a tooth 
While eating something cold
Then later on another one
Well, that was very bold!

So in honor of your double loss
That really made us snicker,
We're sending you this funny card
and these pretty stickers! 

I thought that was pretty darn good/cute to be able to come up with that in just a minute.