Saturday, May 23, 2020


First, before I get into this post, I want to apologize for the small print of yesterday's post.  I have no idea why it was that way.  I have had that post started for a long time.  I may have made a note in a draft email and copy and pasted it.  That is the only thing I can think of.

When I notice it earlier tonight,  I tried to go fix it.  And had a heck of a time getting it to correct.  I highlighted the entire message, and increased the size, and clicked to publish.  But when I looked part of it was better and part wasn't.  I went back and redid the part that the size did not increase...again, part of it 'took' and part didn't.

I just walked away for a couple hours, think we actually went on for a short drive through the strip pits and came home and finally got it fixed.  Again, I am sorry for it being such a pain to read.

Peek-a-boo!  This is from the strip pit late this evening.  There is a better picture of one over on my Time Stand Still blog.

I did not sleep a wink last night...but did sleep a couple hours after I gave Roger his meds this morn.  So today I had to stay busy  or I would have fell asleep if I sat down long enough to relax.  I was looking for a list I had just seen a bit back...but also wanting to get rid of some of the 'paper' stuff and I did get rid of a pretty good pile.

We ran and got a hamburger, and then I went to the sewing room and actually cleared up a small area, and then got borders ready for the leaf quilt.  I have had the small border on for a few days, but was debating on if I had enough fabric for the wide border.  I have an app on my phone that tells you how much you need...and it was saying I needed more than I thought I did.  So since I didn't trust my mind I finally sat down with pen and paper and figured and I did have enough.

So I got two of the borders cut to size and sewed on.  The other strips have been sewn together, but need to be cut to length.  I am hoping I can get that done tomorrow.  But I would also like to go for a longer drive, too.  And I need to get up and go to Walmart early.  But I might wait till Monday.  I don't really like to go on the weekend.

I was going to show another pic or two from the strip pits, but will wait till another day.  I just wanted to apologize about yesterday's post.  Thank you for taking the time to was fun to read everyone's comments.

Want to share your thoughts?

I just remembered I had not showed these...I think if it was convenient, that I would buy myself cut flowers every now and then.  They brighten up a room so...why wait till someone dies to give flower

I saw an interesting post on another blog, I have commented a time or two on the  blog but never got any kind of response*, never a return visit...never a reply through email...but I still go and read every now and then.  Her post was about finding books to read.

Her topic was books to read and how she finds them.  

1.  If you like to read,  how do you decide what to read?  

2.  Do you have a certain genre of books you like to read or do you read two or three types or a wide variety?

3.  Do you still go to the library?

4.  I know at least one of you wants an actual book to of my daughters is the same way.  I was the same way for a long time and resisted getting a kindle.  But then I started noticing all the old books I could get free.  So, I got it for those if nothing else.  Then found out it was so much easier on my eyes.  I could read a lot longer. Next, I found newsletters that give links to books that are on sale, or free, and have found some great books, completely free that I would never have bought.

There is the other side of that coin though...some books I want both the hard copy and the digital.

But there are some that I would never have found a hard copy.

Another thing, do you still buy and/or read magazines?  I bought two quilt magazines last year, for the first time in years. I do still have a wide variety of quilt magazines here at home, and some I actually do go back and read or look at for inspiration.  Some I have given to one of my daughters.  But I never throw quilt magazines away.  If I don't want them, some quilter will.