Monday, September 9, 2019

A bit more fun...

Last weekend Lorelei and I had a game of generic Trouble...I say generic cause it is like the game only it has another name which escapes me right now.


Last week we had a game with us each just having a single color...then we played one with us each having two colors.  She started talking about putting faces on the game pieces while we were playing and she was going to do it after the game.  Instead with us playing two colors, it took forever and we both forgot about it.


So yesterday we were playing a game and she started talking about it again.  I don't even remember if I waited till we were done to get out the marker,  but we did finish the game.  She immediately began to make faces.


She also had the idea to have each color a mood.

I don't think I have to tell you that this one is Happy....I love it best of is Lorelei's mood 99% of the time.
It has been a fairly good day...I have just pushed the awning to the back of my mind.  The contractor did not call or come by this day.  Maybe he will tomorrow.  I am not holding my breath about it though.  Also, not going to make myself sit here all day waiting if I want to get out and go.   I just hate to sit and wait for a phone call.  For one thing, I have to stay within hearing of the phone, or take it with me...which I do sometimes.

The other thing is Roger does not answer the phone....and seldom pays attention to it.  I would not want him to answer in this case cause he might tell them we would be here at such and such a time, but never remember it again.
I have been slowly sewing a little bit by hand on days I can function. ... I hate to show anything now cause it is apt to be a year before there is much progress,,,LOL  I have not decided how big the project is going to be.  I am positive about only one thing for sure, sort of two things.  I know the background color(s) will be different prints of the same color.  And for sure one other color is going to show up A LOT...not sure if I am going to restrict it to that color alone or maybe introduce a few more.

The hand sewing I am doing now is just basting, but it is fun.  Yet I long to get in there at the machine and sew some too..

And I cannot remember if I told I decided to make a 'summer quilt' with my Eye of the Hurricane quilt top.  Last week or the week before I used a thrifted flannel sheet as the backing, and layered it with the quilt top.  No batting.  I layered them on the table and pin basted them.  I am not worried if there is a little pleat here and there.  It is for us to have to snuggle under on the couch or in our should work out good and not be too heavy.  You might guess that it is me that usually has cold spells...LOL

I have got to get it out and decide on a thread and get it quilted.  Hoping that doesn't take me all fall to get done.

That is about it...I do need to go check the dryer...and then I can call it done for the day.