Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Delicate and beautiful

I was chasing a viceroy butterfly, which I failed to get close enough to capture when I noticed this grass seed waving in the gentle breeze. I wonder if anyone else will think it has beauty. If you don't, it is probably because I failed to capture it as I saw it.

As for the butterfly, it would not hold still till it landed up on tree trunk about 12 ft from the ground. I did not get a decent capture of it.
I spent the day with Lorelei and her mom...she changes so much when we don't see her for a few days. She smiles so big when I go in. It is funny, she will go from me to Sarah and look back at me and smile so big, as if to say 'Look who's got me now!'...or if she comes to me from Sarah she will look back at Sarah the same way.

A well kept barn

This is one of the few good pictures from is such a clean and cared for barn. I cannot help but wonder what is done in that barn with all those windows. It looked even better in person than in this picture....I think because I was feeling its size. And don't you just love that little bit of tree in the edge of the photo...on the left side. Sort of like a monster sneaking into the picture. Oh well, I am too lazy this morning to crop it.

Roger just left to go fishing with a buddy...I am not sure what I am doing. I don't have Lorelei. It will be tempting to go see her before the day is over. I forgot to tell that one day last week she took her burp/drool cloth and tried to wipe my mouth--twice. There is no doubt in my mind but that is what she was trying to do.