Sunday, September 23, 2007

I thought by now I would have a little project to show. It is amazing how long it can take to do something so small. I did get sidetracked today though or I think it would have been done. I probably won't get it done tomorrow since I am going to my sister's house which is about an hour from here. Her husband passed away this past winter and she gets lonesome. She doesn't like to drive long distances so I go up there.

The kitties are just so busy...I honestly think their names are going to end up being Chunky Monkey or Little Coo for the boy. My husband came up with the name Chunky Monkey. Little Coo is a juniorized version of Cougar who was my last cat. And think the little girl is still supposed to be Lucy but we call her Allison made over, or Allison reincarnated since her looks and personality are so much like a cat my daughter had by that name. Along with her nicknames of 'the princess' and Puss Puss.

They are worth a fortune to me...every day I wonder how I have made it so long without a cat and boy, I would die if anything happened to one of them. The other day I don't know what Lucy had in her mouth...I thought at first she was choked. Then realized she had something caught in her moth but I couldn't tell what. I was trying to hold her and pry her mouth open and it was not working. You can only half imagine--I was ready to grab her and fly to the vet. Was trying to think did I want to try to drive her myself or get my neighbor to drive me while I held her.

But I couldn't even hold her here...and every time she would get loose from me, she would run a few feet and then started trying to get 'whatever' out of her mouth. And ever time she got down and ran The Boy would run and pounce on her! He thought it was PLAYTIME! And this happened at least four or five times--over and over. She finally seemed to get it lose and chewed and swallowed. I think she may have gotten a piece of the dog's food lodged in her teeth or jaw someway.

Anyway, a bit later when I got to thinking about it and how The Boy thought it was play time--I got so tickled. But oh while it was happening, I wanted to take him and lock him up! And all kinds of thoughts were going through my head like if she dies how am I going to explain it to my husband and am I going to live with myself.

These two can find more stuff to get into than any cat I have ever had. I don't even want to think about Christmas. Probably won't have an ornament left on the tree. They love our shoes--I have seen cats play with shoe strings, but they will get hold of the shoes, and sometimes my pants, and try to shake them like dogs shake things.