Monday, August 12, 2013

Lorelei....two years ago

This was one of her first trips to a creek....she totally loved it. I got a lot of good shots of her... this was one of my favorites.  One can see the change in her between this and the photo her mom took of her in the previous post.
I am sitting here trying to decide if I should put something in the crockpot....I have something in mind...something we love. It is a recipe a friend made up.   Nothing set in granite as far as amounts.  We take a chuck roast....I have made it with other cuts but love a nice chuck roast the best.  I cut it into chunks that go easily into the crock pot.

Then, add garlic powder to taste, about a teaspoon of crushed red peppers, and Italian seasonings...add what you think you will like.  With me that is probably about half a teaspoon...maybe a little more.  I usually put this on around midnight on Lo Heat and it cooks at least 12 hours....till it just falls apart with a fork.  After it is done, I shred it and we always have Italian bread, or sometimes Roger likes it over a baked potato.

We all love this....though I have had one person tell me they tried it and did not like it.  But I just felt they had to do something wrong....LOL
Roger's computer gave up the ghost last week....I think the hard drive is shot so we have a new laptop coming for him.  The old computer is not that old....still may get a hard drive and see if we can get it to going again.  Just have a lot of questions about doing it. 

And I sat down and finally got some battings ordered.  Now I have got to get busy and make backings.  I would like to get some of these quilt tops made into finished quilts.  Not that I will ever catch up.  I have at least a dozen tops that I am not even worrying about.