Saturday, October 18, 2008

Views from The House of the Singing Winds...

The above is the drive that led up to the house...and below is Lowell, our tour guide. He was a very interesting guy to talk to...I cannot even remember all the jobs he has held. But he had been a school teacher for one thing. I assumed he had retired from that.

Here is a view leading up to the house from the side...remember I told you I didn't get any actual pictures of the house itself.
I seemed to get bits and pieces of it in my photos, just never got the house itself. I took this one because of the ironwork...this was leading from the front where Lowell was getting ready to take us inside.....
to the back porch which this is taken from. That is Steele's studio we are looking at from here.

The photos above and below are just what you look out on from different areas around the house...don't they look just so peaceful. Makes you want to go take a walk and sit and rest a spell.
And this is their final resting place. He and his wife, and I think her sister, and two or three others were all cremated and their urns buried here, and the headstones set directly on top of the urn.
I am adding this late...should have been my first comment. Day4plus informed me that the plant/flowers shown yesterday was Hydrangea paniculata 'Grandifolia' or Peegee Hydrangea. I am so glad she told me the name...I didn't think it was a snowball bush, but didn't really think for sure that it was a hydrangea. I guess I have either never seen this variety or else never seen one when it got this big. And Mary at Faith, Fabric and Photos had told me they were hydrangeas.