Friday, October 17, 2008

Blooms galore at the T. C. Steele Historic site

This is the entry for this T.C. Steele State Historic site.

I do not know what this is--is this a snowball bush? Mom had one but I don't remember it ever having any hint of color. I really can't remember much about was not a favorite of mine. However I loved this shown was at the T. C. Steele State Historic site. Steele was an American impressionist painter who was born in Owen County, Indiana on a farm in 1847 and passed away at this historic site in 1926.

I had heard the name before today, though I don't know where. It just had that familiar sound. So how did we arrive at this place? We were going for a drive to what is commonly called Little Nashville, or for real Nashville, Indiana. I was hoping for a nice leisurely drive, but everyone was in a is a two lane road a big part of the way. I seen a sign saying something about T. C. Steel State Historic something or other...I told Roger to take it.

We eventually came to the entrance shown in the top photo. Who could resist entering through that? T.C. Steele and his second wife bought this 200+acre it has their original home, his studio, their guest cottage, and her flower gardens. I am sort of upset with myself. The house--I did not get a picture of the house...and the house had a is called The House of the Singing Winds. Now tell me how I did not get a picture of it with a name like that? So I foresee another trip down there.

And I will probably post a few more pictures from there tomorrow. It was just such an awesome thing to stumble on...